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Customized exhaust systems solve a wide range of installation problems. They can enhance performance, or simply replace hard-to-find parts. Click here to find out more!

Four-wheel-drive truck and SUV vehicle performance can greatly benefit from aftermarket systems. Click here to find out more!

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We rely on repeat customers, not on high profit margins. Owner Ken Brittin shares tips on proper maintenance that can reduce the inconvenience and cost of repairs. Click here to learn more!

Ken's Auto Repair
19726 Hunt Road
Petersburg, IL

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Our address has changed, but we didn't move! The Enhanced 911 system was implemented for Menard County, Illinois in 2006, we now use a numbered street address rather than our old Rural Route Box Number.

The new road signs are up, and the new address info will soon be available in online systems. At some point we will be able to create a reliable "Mapquest" link that can be used by customers arriving from distant cities and towns. However, our own useful "driving directions" map has been popular for years with our customers. View Our Map


The new address is:

Ken's Auto Repair, 19726 Hunt Road, Petersburg, IL 62675.

Our phone # remains unchanged.


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